Sedation Dentistry

You'll find that sedation dentistry is simplified by the use of Isolite dental isolation systems through continuous isolation of an entire quadrant.

Your patients will thank you

No matter the procedure, you're always thinking about patient safety. When it comes to sedation dentistry, patient safety takes on new meaning as additional variables such as the anesthesia come into play. If a patient vomits during a procedure that involves a rubber dam, they are likely to aspirate which can lead to serious medical issues. With the continuous, dual-suction provided by the Isolite, Isodry or Isovac, the risk of aspiration is lowered. Additionally, because our mouthpieces are transparent, you have visibility of the patient's airway while it is protected.

Three solutions to choose from:

For sedation cases, if you're using a rubber dam and a patient vomits, they're going to aspirate and have severe medical issues. Isolite suctions the vomit. We used to have to turn the patient on their side immediately if they were vomiting and catch it with a high speed evacuation system. But now, we can actually see the fluid be whisked away in seconds and the respiration is never compromised.
Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, DMD
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