Restorative Dentistry

The Isolite dental isolation system is the perfect solution for most restorative dentistry procedures.

Ensure good restorative outcomes

Using the Isolite® dental isolation systems reduces humidity, offers fewer interruptions, provides retraction, reduces the risk of inadvertent patient aspiration of dental materials, isolates the working field and evacuates fluid from the oral cavity. This can all be achieved with our range of dental isolation products.

In your world, predictability is a good thing. That’s one of the benefits of Isolite: predictable, positive outcomes, along with increased resin tooth bond strength, less micro-leakages, as well as reduced volumetric polymerization shrinkage of resin-based composite.

What does it all mean for you? Better, more consistent, more efficient results.

Three solutions to choose from:

It’s amazing how it does so many needed functions so well...It’s perfect for my CEREC cases, and I feel better knowing the excess powder will be contained and sucked away. Knowing that the patient is protected while I work is a load off my mind. Access and visualization of the operating field are essential for a successful outcome of any procedure. The Isolite system makes this happen. It is truly a long-awaited invention.
John A. Tomasino, Jr. DDS
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