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Faster procedures are beneficial to both the dentist and the patient. Isolite® dental isolation systems can do just that.

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Improving Your Practice's Efficiency

The dental industry has implemented several new sanitization and safety protocols. In turn, more time is being added to appointments and used for disinfecting while patient demand remains the same. The American Dental Association, which surveyed thousands of dentists, found that patient volume is at nearly 60% of what it was before offices were told to shut down for COVID-19.

Let the Isolite boost your practice's productivity by:

  • Providing hands-free intra-oral continuous suction. Your assistant can focus on other demanding tasks.
  • Providing isolation to the upper and lower quadrant at the same time, allowing you to get more accomplished faster.
  • Removing 90% of the aerosols at the source, therefore reducing the amount of aerosols in the entire office.

With these capabilities, practice's can increase patient turn-over while creating the potential for higher ROI.


The Isolite eliminates fluids, humidity, and debris which improves the efficacy of bonding and cementation. This leads to consistent clinical outcomes such as increased resin tooth bond strength, fewer micro-leakages, as well as reduced volumetric polymerization shrinkage of resin-based composite.


Continuous hands-free suction evacuates aerosols, water, saliva and debris for unsurpassed moisture control. When your assistant isn’t sitting there for suction and retraction, their focus can be on the demands of today’s sophisticated dentistry. Studies show that when an Isolite system is used in a procedure it significantly decreases chair time which increases the overall productivity of your practice.

Risk Management

The Isolite mouthpiece shields soft tissue from sharps and high-speed handpieces, reducing the risk of accidental injuries to patients. The single-use mouthpiece gently hugs the vestibule and protects the airway to prevent foreign body ingestion or aspiration.

Cost Management

The Isolite system can help keep costs under control by improving procedure efficacy and efficiency. For example, when consistent clinical outcomes are experienced with the Isolite cost savings naturally occurs because there are less "re-dos".

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