Equipping the Next Generation

With the Dental Education Partnership Program

The Future is Now. 

In todays academic environment, technology is an integral part of scholastic life. Zyris invites you to participate in an innovate approach to traditional modes of education. 


Dental Education Partnership Program (DEPP)

Zyris has developed a Dental Education Partnership Program designed to enable your educational institution to expand its curriculum to include modern alternatives to traditional isolation at a minimal cost.

By entering into a partnership with Zyris you'll provide state-of-the-art dental isolation and superior oral control to your student population, enabling them to focus more on the academic and clinical sides of dental medicine while learning to provide comprehensive dental care.

By taking advantage of this exclusive offer, you gain access to dental isolation solutions that improve your students clinical outcomes, keep costs low, and safeguard the health and wellness of your patients, students, faculty and staff.  

To learn more about how your educational institution can benefit from a partnership with Zyris please fill out the form below: 

Bridge Program for Dental School Graduates

Being a part of the Dental Education Partnership Program benefits your students during school and after they graduate as well. Upon graduation, your students will be gifted a Zyris Isolite® Core dental isolation system worth $995 in retail value. Your graduates can use these to continue the modern isolation techniques they’ve learned in school and continue to deliver care to their patients.

To learn more about the Dental Education Partnership Program and all of the benefits you’ll receive, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you within two business days.

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