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ECAT is an online ordering, distribution, and payment system providing Federal customers (DoD, VA and Federal Government agencies) access to multiple manufacturer and distributor commercial catalogs at discounted prices. ECAT makes purchasing online efficient and enables us to deliver on our promise to provide products and services that help improve overall dental care and increase patient satisfaction. 


Continuous hands-free suction evacuates water, saliva and debris for unsurpassed moisture control. When your assistant isn’t sitting there for suction and retraction, their focus can be on the demands of today’s sophisticated dentistry.


The Isolite eliminates fluids, humidity, and debris which improves the efficacy of bonding and cementation. This leads to consistent clinical outcomes such as increased resin tooth bond strength, fewer micro-leakages, as well as reduced volumetric polymerization shrinkage of resin-based composite.

Safety and Risk Management

When the Mouthpiece is placed the patient’s cheek and tongue are automatically retracted and protected, resulting in an immediate decrease in risk of patient injury from a high-speed handpiece or other instrument.

It also obturates the throat, preventing accidental ingestion or aspiration of foreign objects such as tools, crowns or broken teeth.

It also is transparent and single-use which allows patients to be monitored more effectively while maintaining excellent compliance with infection control protocol.

Isolite Pro

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