Use Continuous Suction to Decrease Dental Aerosols and Spatter During Procedures

Continuous suction via HVE can reduce aerosols by as much as 90%

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Studies Show the Isolite® Significantly Reduces Aerosols and Droplet Spatter

When aerosols are created by high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and other instruments, the "spray" not only carries particles of water but also bacteria, viruses, blood, and saliva. These aerosols can contain up to 100,000 bacteria per cubic foot of air. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, the patient, and your staff is to reduce aerosols and droplets (spatter, splatter, spray) with continuous intraoral suction.

When compared to the performance of a rubber dam plus an HVE, or an HVE alone, studies show that the Isolite is more effective in reducing dental aerosols, helping decrease Dentists, DAs, and hygienists exposure to bacteria and airborne pathogens.

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Layered Aerosol and Droplet Spatter Prevention Strategies

Consider these recommendations from the CDC regarding aerosols:

  • Apply PPE pre-entry as virus containing aerosol particles can exist.
  • The routine use of an antimicrobial preprocedural rinse to reduce level of oral micorganisms that can be aerosolized.
  • Utilize the lowest aerosol-generating armamentarium when delivering any restorative or hygiene care.
  • High velocity evacuation should be employed whenever possible to remove as much airborne contamination as possible before it escapes the immediate treatment site.
  • Minimize the number of people in the operatory.
  • Use a device to reduce aerosol contamination that escapes the operating area, such as a HEPA filter.

Visualizing the Reduction of Droplet Spatter and Aerosols with the Isolite Mouthpiece

The following videos are non-scientific experiments to help visualize the droplets (spatter, splatter, spray) and aerosols generated during a simulated dental crown prep. Additionally, the experiment aims to provide a visual representation of the reduction of spatter droplets and aerosols when using an Isolite Mouthpiece as well as an HVE.

Visualizing Aerosol Potential in a Dental Procedure

The Importance of Continuous Suction in Preventing Your Exposure to Contaminants

Over 90% of aerosols can be eliminated with proper suction – that’s where the Isolite® comes in. Now is the time to make sure you’re implementing proper protocol in your dental office by reducing the risk of contamination.

The Importance of Reducing Aerosols in Dental Practices

How the Isolite Protects You and Your Patients As You Work

Constant Evacuation of Salivary Flow

The Isolite’s suction capabilities allow you to continuously evacuate saliva and debris, eliminating the problems that moisture and humidity can cause during procedures.

Shadowless Oral Illumination

With shadowless illumination in your choice of bright white or non-curing amber, the Isolite’s LED lighting provides visibility into the field so that you can work safely and accurately.

Superior Isolation and Airway Protection

The Isolite provides superior isolation through fitted mouthpieces, protecting soft tissues and airways in addition to providing necessary retraction.


Patient Education Resources


We have videos, images, and infographics available for you to use in your office, on your website or social media. These materials will help educate your patients on new safety measures that have been taken to make your practice safe.


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Isolite Decreases Dental Aerosol and Spatter