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The Isolite 3, Isodry, and Isovac all provide continuous, hands-free suction helping you reduce aerosols and maximizing comfort during dental procedures. Each system enables you to perform procedures faster, and helps patients feel safer than ever.

Increase Productivity

Dentists say Isolite makes them up to 25% more efficient because it gives them an extra set of hands. Imagine freeing up 15 or more hours per week.

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Reduce Aerosols

The continuous, hands-free HVE suction of the Isolite helps reduce up to 90% of aerosols generated during dental procedures. Go further to keep your patients safe.

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Maximize Comfort & Safety

The Isolite Mouthpiece provides continuous suction and retraction. Keep active tongues at bay while protecting the patient’s airway throughout the procedure.

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Isolite is the Most Trusted and Researched Dental Isolation System

The Isolite system has been protecting patients, dentists, and their teams for over 20 years. Over 50 million safer procedures have been performed with an Isolite Mouthpiece enabling thousands of dentists to create a consistent standard of isolation for a wide range of restorative and preventative procedures.

The Isolite, Isodry, and Isovac isolation systems have been installed on over 75,000 dental chairs around the world. Additionally, Isolite systems are the most researched alternative dental isolation device on the market having appeared in at least 25 JADA-published papers since 2011 and dozens more dating back to 2004.

20-years of service Isolite

50 Million Dental Procedures with Isolite

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