Safe, Quick, and Quiet Disinfection for Your Entire Practice

A safer way to disinfectant your office without the adverse effects of drying out your skin or spraying harmful chemicals in the air.

Peace of mind for your family, patients, and team

Give your family, patients, and team the peace of mind that you're protecting them from viruses and bacteria throughout the day. Zyris Disinfectant is on the CDC List N of approved Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is EPA-certified.


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Tough on Viruses. Safe for you and your equipment.

Kills 99.9% of Viruses

Zyris Disinfectant is an effective disinfectant against Human Norovirus, Staphylococcusaureus, Pseudomonasaeruginosa, and Salmonellaenterica.

Safe for You

Contains no bleach, no VOCs, and no Ammonia. Our stable pH means there’s no chlorine smell or harsh sting on your skin associated with other alcohol-based disinfectants.

Versatile + Multi-Purpose

Use the Zyris Operatory Sprayer to spray Zyris Disinfectant solution on hard, non-porous soiled surfaces, then air dry or wipe clean with a clean cloth or paper towel.

We care about you, your team, and your patients.

We've been committed to helping patients and dentists have a safer and more comfortable dental experience for the past 20 years, and we're here to help with the new challenges of minimizing viruses and bacteria in our new normal.

Hypochlorous (HOCl) solutions for dentists

The Zyris Operatory Sprayer is designed to help you quickly and easily disinfect all contact surfaces in your dental practice from bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.
Zyris Disinfectant is on the CDC List N of approved Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is EPA certified. It contains no bleach, no VOCs, and no Ammonia.

See the Zyris Operatory Sprayer in action

3 steps to quickly disinfect your practice

Step 1

Connect the quick-connect hose to a pressurized air line with 60-80 PSI.

Step 2

Connect a bottle of Zyris Disinfectant to the Sprayer.

Step 3

Press the trigger to disinfect your practice with Hypochlorous (HOCl).

Testimonials from dentists like you

Dr. Louis Kafuman

"Patients are nervous enough coming in right now, and with the Zyris Operatory Sprayer, their anxiety levels come down when they see you are taking these precautions."

Dr. Lori Trost

"Using this is easy, and is not a big time consumer to adopt this into our protocol in between patients. My staff and patients have more confidence that dentists who use sprayers like this are keeping them safe."

Dr. Dominic Calouri

"We learned about HOCl and how it is used in hospitals, is EPA approved, and used for wound disinfections. This is a really good product that doesn't hurt people, but kills the virus."


Use the map below to see if Zyris Disinfectant has been approved by the local EPA in your state. Hover your mouse over or tap on a state to see the local EPA approval status.


Hypochlorous (HOCl) for Dentistry

What is HOCl?

HOCl is a natural part of our internal defense system, produced by white blood cells. When produced outside the body, HOCl is an electrolyzed, antimicrobial, biocide solution that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi.

While the 100 year history of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has provided indisputable evidence of its efficacy in healing and use in disinfection, and over 500 peer-reviewed, published papers universally document significant beneficial results, the widespread use of HOCl has remained fairly stagnant, and the primary limiting factor to broad adoption of this important technology, historically, has been due to its lack of stability.

How Zyris Disinfectant with HOCl is made

Zyris Disinfectant is manufactured under strict quality-control procedures completed at the precise pH to ensure purity and no hypochlorite (bleach) contamination. Our formula uses water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) to create a specific brine solution, and then pass the brine through a proprietary, electrolytic chamber unlike any other. The finished Hypochlorous Acid is a weak acid solution with powerful benefits.

How Zyris Disinfectant is Unique

  • The underlying HOCl formulation of Zyris Disinfectant has been independently tested to eliminate the world’s most dangerous and hardiest pathogen.
  • The HOCl formulation found in Zyris Disinfectant more closely mimics the HOCl that is produced inside the human body than any other large scale HOCl manufacturer, making Zyris Disinfectant safe to use around your patients and team.
  • Zyris Disinfectant contain no active components other than pure HOCl.
  • Zyris Disinfectant is manufactured in EPA and FDA-registered GMP-compliant facility.

Benefits of Hypochlorous (HOCl)

HOCl is a good bactericide with three key characteristics.

  • Strong and quick sterilization effects in low-concentration dosages
  • Little residue left behind
  • No trihalomethane is generated (THMs are environmental pollutants and are considered carcinogenic)

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