Sealant Placement Efficiency

A Study In Sealant Placement Efficiency By Pediatric Dental Residents Dr. Maetal Hening, Dmd And Dr. Erin Mcgrath, Dmd, Capt. Usaf At Temple University

What it Covers

Zyris supported a study performed by two Pediatric Dental Residents at Temple University to compare the efficiency of sealant placement using the Isolite® system compared to traditional methods of isolation. A second study followed these patients for a 12-month check-in to determine the retention of the sealants based on their cohort. Request the full study to discover the difference the Isolite system made.


Purpose: To compare sealant placement time using Isolite® Illuminated Dental Isolation System with the traditional cotton roll isolation technique.

Methods: A total of 104 subjects between the ages of five and fifteen in a pediatric dentistry residency clinic were enrolled. Subjects were randomized into first molar (65 subjects) and second molar (39 subjects) groups undergoing sealant placement with one of the two sealant methods and the time to sealant completion was recorded.

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The combination of light, suction and bite block into one system provided an efficient setup that eliminated the challenge of holding cotton rolls, suctioning and placing the sealants at the same time.
Dr. Maetal Hening, DMD and Dr. Erin McGrath, DMD, Capt, USAF


Sealant Placement Efficiency