The heart of the Isolite system, our patented dental mouthpiece is where illumination, isolation, and aspiration all become one.

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Where illumination meets innovation

Isolite’s proprietary and patented Mouthpiece has been specifically designed and engineered around the anatomy and morphology of the mouth to accommodate every patient, from children to the elderly. Mouthpieces are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer and are not made with natural rubber latex. (They do not contain phthalates or BPAs). Its safety advantages and ease-of-use will boost your practice’s efficiency, results, and patient satisfaction.


  • Engineered from soft, flexible, latex-free polymer
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Approximate Interincisal Opening: varies by size
  • Bite Block: varies by size
  • Tongue Shield: varies by size

Using the power of the HVE, the Mouthpiece significantly reduces spray, spatter and aerosol by providing hands-free continuous suction. This intra-oral evacuation limits exposure to airborne pathogens and helps teams feel more comfortable and safe. When used with an Isolite System the Mouthpiece provides dual-quadrant evacuation to keep the field dry and reduce humidity.

When the Mouthpiece is put in place, the patient’s cheek and tongue are automatically retracted and protected, resulting in an immediate decrease in the risk of patient injury. The Mouthpiece obturates the entrance to the throat, minimizing the chance of debris aspiration. This makes the patient more comfortable and provides the additional benefit of being able to monitor the patient’s airway.

The Mouthpiece’s construction provides an extra layer of protection from dental instruments and controls the patient’s tongue. The patient can comfortably rest their jaw thanks to the built-in bite block, and you have free access to both the upper and lower quadrants.

And because the Mouthpiece is single-use, patient cross-contamination is eliminated.


  • The Mouthpiece keeps the tongue out of the way, making it easier and safer for you to work.
  • The Mouthpiece retracts the cheeks and shields them from injury by the dentist's instruments.
  • The patient's mouth is propped open by the integrated bite block.
  • The Mouthpiece acts as a barrier to the airway preventing accidental aspiration of foreign bodies.
  • The Mouthpiece is transparent, allowing you to monitor patients more effectively, ensuring continued safety during procedures.

Instructions for Isolite Mouthpiece Sizing and Placement

The best way to ensure success and patient compliance with the Isolite Mouthpiece is to understand the correct sizing and placement technique.

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Six Mouthpiece Sizes to Choose From

Each patients is different. That’s why we designed a wide range of sizes to maximize the comfort of each patient, from pediatric to deep vestibule to large.

When I use the Isolite I can work much more efficiently and quicker. I don’t have to keep switching cotton rolls or suctioning. I can just move from tooth to tooth without interruptions.
Jason Prillwitz, RDH

The Isocare Extended Warranty Program

We offer an extended warranty option, giving you a two-year extension beyond the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty provides “no-fault” coverage and will allow for repair or replacement (in the event it can’t be repaired), at no additional charge to you.

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Industry Recognition

Special Markets

We offer special discounts for government/military clinics, qualifying dental schools and group practices throughout the U.S.
We also offer our products outside of the U.S and Canada through our international network of distributors. Please contact us for more information.

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