Zyris Isolite® Mouthpieces

Easy-to-use posterior and anterior mouthpieces for superior isolation to ensure patient comfort and better clinical outcomes.

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Posterior and Anterior Access

Gain more control of the oral environment with the Zyris Isolite dual-quadrant and bicuspid-to-bicuspid mouthpieces.


  • Continuous suction for moisture control
  • Airway protection
  • Integrated  bite block for comfort and safety


  • Superior isolation
  • Additional evacuation provided at rear of bite-block to significantly reduce pooling in the mouth

Isolite Posterior Mouthpieces

From pediatric to deep vestibule to large, the posterior mouthpiece provides dual-quadrant access.

Isolite Pro Illumination with Posterior Mouthpiece

Isolite Anterior Mouthpieces

For incisal procedures crossing the midline, the anterior mouthpiece provides bicuspid-to-bicuspid access.

Mouthpiece Safety Matters

  • Single-use to avoid cross contamination.
  • Keeps the tongue out of the way, making it easier and safer for you to work.
  • Retracts the cheeks and shields them from injury by the dentist's instruments.
  • Integrated bite block to stabilize patient's mouth.
  • Airway protection.
When I use the Isolite I can work much more efficiently and quicker. I don’t have to keep switching cotton rolls or suctioning. I can just move from tooth to tooth without interruptions.
Jason Prillwitz, RDH

Instructions for Isolite Mouthpiece Sizing and Placement

The best way to ensure success and patient compliance with the Isolite Mouthpiece is to understand the correct sizing and placement technique.

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Special Markets

We offer special discounts for government/military clinics, qualifying dental schools and group practices throughout the U.S.
We also offer our products outside of the U.S and Canada through our international network of distributors. Please contact us for more information.

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