Zyris Isolite® Whole Mouth Solution

With anterior and posterior capability, we offer all-in-one isolation systems for the best clinical access, more efficient procedures, and enhanced patient comfort.

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Light the way with Isolite® Pro

A comprehensive illuminated isolation system.


  • Posterior/Quadrant-Based Access
  • Anterior/Bicuspid-to-Bicuspid Access
  • Posterior Shadowless Intraoral illumination
  • Posterior Amber Light Cure-Safe Mode
  • Continuous Hands-Free Suction

Plug-and-play with Isolite® Core

A non-illuminated isolation system with flexible configurations.


  • Same Posterior & Anterior Access as the Isolite Pro
  • No Install Required—Uses Existing HVE
  • Zyris Isolite Core+ system available for higher patient volume

Ideal Access for Posterior & Anterior Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

A Whole Mouth System for Every Practice

Supports Isolite Anterior & Posterior Mouthpieces


3 levels of bright white and amber, cure-safe light Posterior only


Dual Quadrant, Hands-Free HVE Suction

Autoclavable Posterior Adapters



Autoclavable Anterior Adapters



Ideal Patient Volume



Hose Connection

Dedicated Hose Connection

HVE Plug & Play or Optional Add-On Hose Kit

30-Day, Risk-Free Returns

Included in the box: Maintenance & Acessories Kit, 30 Day Risk- Free Return, $350 value Live CE Training, and a Posterior & Anterior Mouthpiece Sample Kit for Training with 20 mouthpieces in various sizes.

*For practices with higher patient volume, see available Core+ option with 6 autoclavable Isolite Core Control Heads, Anterior Adapters, and Posterior Adapters.

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