Dental Crowns

From crown preparation to removal, the Isolite has you covered

Isolite dental isolation systems provide an optimal oral environment for facilitating any dental crown procedure. From crown preparation, to crown restoration and crown removal, the Isolite helps improve clinical outcomes and enhances the patient experience.

Using the Isolite for a dental crown preparation

The Isolite mouthpiece allows for complete isolation of the tooth to receive the new dental crown which improves compliance, safety, efficacy and efficiency with patients. The integrated tongue shield keeps active tongues away so the procedure can be performed with fewer interruptions and contamination.

Perform a dental crown restoration with the Isolite

The continuous suction provided by the Isolite system keeps the oral cavity as dry as a rubber dam, without the discomfort associated with rubber dams. The low humidity gives dental crown restorative work the best chance for long-term success.

Keep patients safe during a dental crown removal

The Isolite mouthpiece obturates the patient's throat, keeping the airway safe and protected during the removal of a dental crown. Also, the Isolite 3 provides include total illumination of the oral environment, which provides consistent lighting of the oral cavity and shadowless illumination for the dentist and dental assistant to provide the best clinical care.

Three solutions to choose from:

What clinicians say:

It does an amazing job of keeping the tongue and cheek out of the way and illuminating the very dark parts of the back of the mouth. I absolutely love having the Isolite for removing an old crown because there's no question of the airway being compromised.
Dr. Elaine Bylis