Bridge the Gap between School and Professional Practice

We are happy to support emerging dentists during their first year in practice.

How it works

To assist emerging dentists like you during your first year in practice, we have developed the Bridge™ initiative, so you can bring the dental isolation technology you have been using in school into the real world. Once you sign up for the DEPP–Bridge Initiative, you will receive:



Or, you can use the $895 value as a trade-in and get $895 off of one of the following upgrades:


Please allow for 4 weeks to process your order. After you get a shipping confirmation on your system, you will be eligible for the 20% discount on mouthpieces. At that time, feel free to place an order for mouthpieces via our online store.

Next Steps

To take advantage of this offer, please complete the form below within one year of your graduation date.

DEPP Bridge Program