Dental Implants

With the continuous isolation capabilities of an entire quadrant during time-consuming implant procedures, Isolite was designed to increase the efficiency of your procedures.

The isolation you need for complex dental implant procedures

Thanks to the patented Isolite mouthpiece which allows for complete isolation, clinicians can now stay focused on complex implant procedures they’re performing—and less time managing the patient. As an added benefit, the mouthpiece also acts as a shield to protect the patient from having a loose implant post or screw enter their airway for possible aspiration or ingestion.

Additionally, the Isolite® Pro provides include total illumination of the oral environment, which provides consistent lighting of the oral cavity and provides shadowless illumination for the dentist and dental assistant to see what's going on.

Three solutions to choose from:

It gives me vision, gives me access, safety, patient safety, for instance when we do implant procedures, we have no danger of patients aspirating little screws or little parts, the Isolite protects the airway.
Dominic Caluori, DMD
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