Stress-free Tooth Extractions are Possible

Get airway protection, isolation, and illumination in one tool

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Helping Your Patients Shouldn't Stress You Out

Ever dropped an extraction? Patient swallowed a tooth? You shouldn’t have to worry about this happening.

Protect the Airway and Take Control of the Oral Cavity with Isolite

protect the airway

Airway Protection 

Never worry about an extracted tooth being aspirated or ingested when you use the Isolite Mouthpiece.

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Create More Working Room 

Keep the patient’s mouth open and tongue retracted the room you need to extract the tooth

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Continuous HVE Suction

Minimize the patient tasting their own blood with continuous, dual-quadrant HVE suction.

Created by a Dentist, for Dentists

We understand how stressful extractions can be. We've been helping dentists like you for over 20 years.

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75k dental chairs installed with Isolite

20-years stress free with Isolite

To Set Your Team Up For Success, You Need the Right Tools

Continuous hands-free suction to reduce aerosols, perform procedures up to 30% faster, ensure a predictably ideal field, and maximize comfort for patients.





See How Isolite Helps With Extractions

Stop stressing out about performing extractions and cruise through your day with the Isolite


Dropping or breaking an extracted tooth. Trying to work with four hands in the patient’s mouth. Keeping the patient’s mouth open and their active tongue out of the way. How are you NOT stressed out performing extractions?

The Isolite Mouthpiece helps you with these problems by:

  • Obturating the patient’s throat throughout the procedure
  • Keeping the patient’s tongue out of the way
  • Keeping the patient’s mouth open with an integrated bite block
  • Keeping the patient comfortable
  • Providing dual-quadrant, continuous HVE suction
  • Allowing your DA to monitor the case and anticipate your needs

All the Benefits You, Your Team, and Patients Deserve


Ensure better clinical outcomes with our clinician-focused design.


Protect your team and patients by reducing dental aerosols at the source.


Keeps patients relaxed with the Mouthpiece's integrated bite block and tongue retraction.


Reduce moisture and contamination for a dry, predictable field every time.


With fewer interruptions, you can complete procedures up to 30% faster.


Simplify your workflow for optimal performance at every step.