Your Dental Crown Procedures Could be 30% Faster

You can achieve excellent bond efficacy and reduce procedure time with one tool

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Creating a Controlled Oral Environment Shouldn't Stress You Out

Ever dropped a crown in a patient’s mouth? Has your patient ever closed their mouth prematurely, so you had to start over? Did your dry field become compromised? You deserve a controlled setting that allows your work to shine without increasing procedure times.

Obtain Procedure Efficacy 30% Faster

protect the airway

Be the Only Person Working in the Mouth

Enable your DA to be one step ahead of you. Allow them to monitor the case instead of focusing on retraction and suction.

open access to tooth icon

Visible, Open Access to the Tooth

Keep the patient’s mouth open and reduce the level of humidity to get the results you demand.

retraction of soft tissue icon

Retract the Tongue and other Soft Tissues

Eliminate chances for a patient to touch a prep once completed. Protect the floor of the mouth, sub-lingual frenulum, cheek, and gums from high-speed hand pieces.

Created by a Dentist, for Dentists

We understand how important your time is.

patients protected with Isolite

75k dental chairs installed with Isolite

20-years stress free with Isolite

To Set Your Team Up For Success, You Need the Right Tools

Continuous hands-free suction to reduce aerosols, perform procedures up to 30% faster, ensure a predictably ideal field, and maximize comfort for patients.





Shave 30% Off Crown Procedure Completion times. Spend the Extra Time the Way You Want.

You don’t want to spend 30% of the procedure time stopping to eliminate saliva, stopping to ask the patient to keep their mouth open and their tongue away from your prep.

Achieve fast, high-quality procedures with Isolite by:

  • Keeping the patient’s tongue and soft tissues out of the way and protected from injury
  • Keeping the patient’s mouth open with an integrated bite block
  • Providing dual-quadrant, continuous HVE suction
  • Allowing your DA to monitor the case and anticipate what you need next
  • Reduce patient management by keeping the patient comfortable

All the Benefits You, Your Team, and Patients Deserve


Ensure better clinical outcomes with our clinician-focused design.


Protect your team and patients by reducing dental aerosols at the source.


Keeps patients relaxed with the Mouthpiece's integrated bite block and tongue retraction.


Reduce moisture and contamination for a dry, predictable field every time.


With fewer interruptions, you can complete procedures up to 30% faster.


Simplify your workflow for optimal performance at every step.