Dental Crown Preparation

Two clinicians explain why they use the Isolite® Pro when preparing a new dental crown

Dental Crown Preparation with Isolite Pro

From administering a local anesthetic to taking physical or digital impressions and preparing the core tooth, all of the Isolite systems including the Isolite Pro, Isolite Core, and Isolite Core+, help improve clinical outcomes and enhance the patient experience. The Isolite mouthpiece allows for complete isolation of the tooth to receive the new dental crown. Keeping the treatment area isolated and dry improves the efficacy and efficiency of the treatment while improving patient compliance and safety. The integrated tongue shield keeps active tongues away so the procedure can be performed with fewer interruptions and lower risk of contaminating the work area.

Three solutions to choose from:

It's still never easy treating tooth number 18, but Isolite makes it much more bearable for me in my office staff. It does an amazing job of keeping the tongue and cheek out of the way.
Elaine Bylis, DDS
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