Improved Cementation without Compromises

Better tools to prevent patients contaminating your prep work

See how Isolite helps your Cementation

Prevent Active Tongues and Saliva from Ruining Your Prep

Ever have a patient’s active tongue ruin your perfect cementation prep? Prepping a tooth for cementation & bonding should only be done once.

Get Continuous HVE Suction while Keeping Active Tongues in Check

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Keep Active Tongues Away

The days of a patient’s tongue touching your perfect prep are over. The Isolite Mouthpiece keeps the tongue and the cheek away from your working area.

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DAs Stay Several Steps Ahead

When you don’t have to rely on your dental assistant to provide suction and retraction, they can stay ahead of you to anticipate your every need.

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Continuous HVE Suction

Reduce humidity in the oral cavity and keep saliva away with continuous, dual-quadrant HVE suction. Bonus: Patients won't taste the etch or cement.

Created by a Dentist, for Dentists

We understand how frustrating it can be to prep a cementation and bonding a second or third time. That’s why Dr. Thomas Hirsch developed the Isolite Mouthpiece, so he’d never have to prep an area more than once

patients protected with Isolite

75k dental chairs installed with Isolite

20-years stress free with Isolite

To Set Your Team Up For Success, You Need the Right Tools

Continuous hands-free suction to reduce aerosols, perform procedures up to 30% faster, ensure a predictably ideal field, and maximize comfort for patients.




See how Isolite helps improves the cementation process

Put an End to the Frustration of Fighting Active Tongues

When you have full control over the oral cavity, you can systematically follow every step of the cementation or bonding procedure. When you don’t have control, patients can ruin your prep with their tongue or you have to place cotton rolls and have your DA in the patient’s mouth providing evacuation.

The Isolite Mouthpiece helps you with these problems by:

  • Reducing humidity in the oral cavity
  • Keeping the patient's tongue out of the way
  • Keeping the patient's mouth open with an integrated bite block
  • Keeping the patient comfortable
  • Providing dual-quadrant, continuous HVE
  • Allowing your DA to monitor the case and anticipate your needs
  • Reducing aerosols to keep you, your team, and you patients safe

All the Benefits You, Your Team, and Patients Deserve


Ensure better clinical outcomes with our clinician-focused design.


Protect your team and patients by reducing dental aerosols at the source.


Keeps patients relaxed with the Mouthpiece's integrated bite block and tongue retraction.


Reduce moisture and contamination for a dry, predictable field every time.


With fewer interruptions, you can complete procedures up to 30% faster.


Simplify your workflow for optimal performance at every step.