Is Sedation the Cure to Dental Anxiety?

Posted by Vince Lymburn on June 30, 2022

Dental anxiety is very common among people. According to the ADA and many sources, Dental anxiety afflicts anywhere from 20 to 50% of the US population – to the point they ignore going to the dentist resulting in compromising oral health. For that reason, we asked Dr. Michael Silverman to… Read More

Zyris Healthy Practice Playbooks: Communication

Posted by Vince Lymburn on June 14, 2022

Welcome to the Zyris Healthy Practice Playbook series. Throughout this blog series, we’re going to be covering everything dental professionals need to know to help their practices thrive. These posts will offer insights, tips, and practical advice from our network of trusted providers. For our first… Read More

Invest in Your Practice’s Growth with Section 179

Posted by Robert Shroll on December 13, 2021

2021 is winding down, and for small business owners—including dentists who own private practices—that means tax season is right around the corner. At Zyris, our goal is to provide the clinical tools and technologies you need to provide the best care possible. But our mission doesn’t stop there. Read More

How to Reduce Distractions During Cementation

Posted by Lexi Marino on June 16, 2021

According to Master Ceramist, Randall Berry, 3 out of 10 multi-unit restoration procedures fail due to poor isolation during cementation. In this piece, Randall will share how dentists can avoid procedure redo’s and ultimately get time and dollars back in their pocket. Watch this video to learn how to save… Read More

Avoiding Procedure Redo Due to Contamination: Class II Caries

Posted by Lexi Marino on June 4, 2021

Procedure redo’s are a dentist’s worst nightmare. That’s why we interviewed Dr. Tom Hirsch, DDS to see how he avoids contamination in a Class II caries case. Watch this video to learn how to achieve better clinical outcomes in 3 ways: Keep the patient’s tongue permanently retracted Continually remove excess… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Millennial Woman in Dentistry

Posted by Lexi Marino on May 28, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Elaine Bylis catches up with Dr. Molly Kovalesky, DDS and Pediatric Dentist at The Smile Lodge to celebrate the rise of women in dentistry and address confidence issues young dentists face as they build their reputations. Watch this video to learn how to: Overcome situations… Read More

Airway Protection During Dental Implant Procedures

Posted by Lexi Marino on May 14, 2021

Mistakes happen and we understand the stress that comes along with them. In this piece, will share two minor mistakes made in a dental implant procedure case and how Dr. Tom Hirsch, DDS fixed them. Watch this video to learn how the Isolite System helps you: Protect the patient’s airway… Read More

Get Back to Seeing 8 Patients Per Day in Hygiene

Posted by Lexi Marino on May 14, 2021

Help your hygienist achieve musculoskeletal relief and 15-minute faster procedure completion with one tool. Watch this video to learn how the Isolite System helps you: Save 15 minutes per procedure, leaving time for patient education Reduce aerosols by 90% Eliminate physical strain by freeing up hands from suctioning and retracting… Read More

How to Complete 8 Sealants in 8 Minutes with Isolite®

Posted by Lexi Marino on May 13, 2021

When you have the tools to perform your dental work efficiently, your team can do more work in one-sitting in the same amount of time. In this piece, we’ll explain how Isolite® provides clinicians with the opportunity to gain more revenue when doing sealants. Watch this video to learn how… Read More

3 Ways to Ensure Stress-Free Dental Extraction Procedures

Posted by Lexi Marino on April 23, 2021

Helping your patients shouldn’t stress you out. Ever dropped an extraction? The patient’s tongue crossed paths with your high-speed handpiece? You shouldn’t have to worry about this happening. Watch this video to learn how the Isolite System helps you: Keep the tongue permanently retracted Continuously suction blood and saliva Achieve… Read More