The Art and Science of Gingival Augmentation

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 28, 2019

As we age, many of us will experience gingival recession and the problems associated with being “long in the tooth.” At the other end of the periodontal spectrum are those with the dreaded “gummy smile,” another esthetic handicap. Fortunately, treatments for these conditions are continually improving, and many general dentists… Read More

Innovations in Endodontic Files Enhance Root Canal Treatment Success

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 24, 2019

In our last post, we discussed the process of shaping and cleaning canals during root canal treatment (RCT). But because the field of operation for such a procedure is tiny, the instruments used to accomplish this type of therapy must also be quite small. Various types of hand and… Read More

Shaping and Cleaning for Successful Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 22, 2019

In today’s climate of minimally invasive dentistry, root canal treatment (RCT) makes sense. Instead of extractions and implant placements, the patient’s own tooth can be strengthened and left in place. To accomplish this, any infected tissue in the canals must be removed, and the canal walls shaped, cleaned and disinfected. Read More

Glass Ionomers Still the Best Option for Some Dental Restorations

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 16, 2019

In the opinion of many experts, glass ionomer restorative materials are among the greatest advances in dentistry since their debut around 50 years ago. These water-based materials are composed of a fluoro-alumino-silicate glass powder, and other elements such as calcium. When mixed with polyacrylic or polycarboxylate acid, the glass powder… Read More

Strategic Approaches to Periodontal Disease Treatment

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 14, 2019

When pathogenic bacteria are allowed to run rampant in the oral cavity, they can infect the gingiva. This type of infection can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, bone and periodontal ligament damage, and, ultimately, tooth loss. The key to periodontal health, of course, lies in prevention. But when this fails and… Read More

Digital Impression Scanners Improve Restorative Accuracy

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 11, 2019

You have to admit, no matter which side of the technology fence you are on, digital impressioning has a lot to offer. Although many dentists continue to rely on elastomeric materials to capture dental impressions, increasing numbers appear to be going the digital route, which captures tooth structure in exquisite… Read More

Intraoral Radiography Systems Boost Accuracy, Safety and Patient Comfort

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 9, 2019

A recent report pegged the value of the global dental imaging system market at about $2388.8 million (United States) in 2017, with revenue expected to jump to roughly $4297.3 million by the end of 2024. On the basis of product type, the intraoral radiography system segment is predicted to grow… Read More

High Speed Dental Handpieces Are Much More Than a Drill

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 7, 2019

It’s hard to imagine dentistry without the ubiquitous “drill,” whose high-pitched whine has the reputation of making patients squirm. And these days, there are more choices than ever in dental handpieces. But for removal of decayed tooth structure or old restorations, crown preps, finishing and polishing, or even tackling endodontic… Read More

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF): A Proven Caries Management Strategy

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 3, 2019

Dental caries reportedly affects 97% of the people on the planet during their lifetimes. 1Berg J. The marketplace for new caries management products: dental caries detection and caries management by risk assessment. BMC Oral Health. 2006;6(Suppl1):S6 But thanks to one of the… Read More

How Nanotechnology Is Being Used to Improve Dental Materials

Posted by Rebecca Stone on December 20, 2018

Steve Martin may have been onto something back in the ’70s with his Let’s Get Small album. In today’s dental materials, it’s the little things that are reaping big rewards. But when we’re talking small, we’re talking nano-small. Nanotechnology, often in the form of fillers used in composite resins, is… Read More