Mouthpiece Pricing Update

Mouthpiece Pricing Change Notification

Thank you for being a Zyris customer. We value our relationship with you and are committed to communicating to you with transparency.

Effective March 4, 2019, the retail price for a box of 10 mouthpieces will increase from $25.00 to $27.50. This price change allows us to align our prices with increased costs in packaging, raw materials, and manufacturing. Our goal is always to bring you the highest standards of premium quality and product efficacy.

Please view the FAQ's below for common questions about this change.

Why is the price of mouthpieces changing?

The price of our mouthpieces is changing in order to align our prices with cost increases in packaging, raw materials, and manufacturing that we have previously absorbed for over a decade. 

The updated price allows us to continue to provide the high-quality product you rely on to best serve your patients.

How much more are we talking about?

Since 2007, the price of a 10-pack of mouthpieces has been $25.00. Effective March 4, 2019, the retail price for a 10-pack of mouthpieces will be $27.50.

Wait, didn’t you just raise your prices?

The last time the price of the Isolite mouthpiece changed was in 2007.

Did the price change because Isolite Systems was bought out?

Isolite Systems has not been bought or sold to any company. The new name Zyris, Inc. is an evolution of the Isolite Systems company and brand that better reflects our future direction. You can read more about the brand and name change in our press release.

I’ve been a loyal customer for a very long time. Is there anything you can do for me? 

We value the relationships we have with all the long-time users of the Isolite family of products and want to continue to provide the same level of quality that you are accustom to. We will continue to offer quantity discounts for those customers purchasing mouthpieces at higher levels. 

Are there any discounts available if I purchase in bulk?

Yes, we offer discounts off our retail price when 10 or more boxes of mouthpieces are purchased in a single order. Here is a breakdown of the discounts: 

Qty: 10-24 boxes 
Unit price: $26.00 per box 
Discount: $1.50 off per box or approximately 6% 

Qty: 25-49 boxes 
Unit price: $24.50 per box 
Discount: $3.00 off per box or approximately 11% 

Qty: 50 or more boxes 
Unit price: $22.50 per box 
Discount: $5.00 off per box or approximately 18%

Can I purchase a bulk order now and stock up before the price changes?

Yes, you can. There is no limit to the number of boxes of mouthpieces that you can order. You can order mouthpieces at any time using our online store at  

Please note, all mouthpieces have a suggested “Use By” date that is three years from the date of manufacture. Please consider this if you choose to make a bulk purchase of mouthpieces.

Is there anything new about the mouthpieces?

We have not made any changes to the design, form or function of the mouthpieces. They will continue to provide the same isolation, tongue retraction, airway protection and humidity control that you have always experienced.

If I order the mouthpieces from your online store, will I get a better price?

Ordering from our online store provides you with the flexibility to purchase at a time that is convenient for you. Ordering online also allows you to quickly see your order history, which is convenient when needing to see which mouthpiece size you order most often.  

However, the price of mouthpieces is the same whether you order online or order over the phone with one of our representatives.

Can I order from a distributor?

In the United States and Canada, there are no authorized third-party distributors of any Zyris product including all Isolite systems, mouthpieces, or any part or accessory. 

For products sold to offices outside of North America, you may be able to purchase from one of our authorized distributors.

I just heard about this from a colleague. How come you didn’t communicate this to me before?

We apologize if our communication efforts didn’t get through. Aemail was sent to all active customers and we have included a letter with all orders since the date of the announcement.

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