Laser Surgery

Isolite® dental isolation systems offer a variety of key benefits that improve laser dentistry procedures.

Proper isolation for laser procedures

Engineered to speed up procedure times and reduce the possibility of damaged tips during laser procedures, the built-in bite block feature prevents the patient from inadvertently biting down on their tongue, cheek, or laser tip. Isolite is also designed to provide a bright, illuminated oral environment along with continuous water evacuation, acting as a complementary assistant to the clinician during these complicated procedures. This frees up your Dental Assistant to perform functions that are more valuable to the procedure.

Three solutions to choose from:

It makes dentistry so much easier. I do a lot of laser work and I’m sure the Isolite paid for itself the first week I had it because I can perform procedures much faster. It probably knocks 25 percent off treatment times and it frees up my assistant so that she can be more efficient outside the mouth.
Michael Thompson, DDS
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