Faster, More Comfortable Dental Hygiene

Achieve musculoskeletal relief and 15-minute faster procedure completion with one tool

3-Step Guide to Implement Isolite

Don’t Let Workflow Burnout Become a Reality

Struggling with neck and shoulder pain? Patient needs to continually spit and rinse?
Give your hygienist the tools to perform quickly, without fatigue.

Better Ergonomics Equal Efficient Treatment

Free Your Second Hand icon

Free Your Second Hand

No more twisting your body at the expense of the procedure. Leave retraction and evacuation up to the Isolite Mouthpiece.

Suction Icon

Continuous HVE Suction

Eliminate the need for a saliva ejector with continuous, dual-quadrant HVE suction.

protect the airway

Keep the Patient’s Mouth Open

Work quadrant by quadrant with the Isolite Mouthpiece’s integrated bite block.

Created by a dentist, for dental teams.

We understand the importance of hygiene’s role in your practice’s overall financial health.

patients protected with Isolite

75k dental chairs installed with Isolite

20-years stress free with Isolite

To Set Your Team Up For Success, You Need the Right Tools

Continuous hands-free suction to reduce aerosols, perform procedures up to 30% faster, ensure a predictably ideal field, and maximize comfort for patients.





See How Isolite Helps Hygiene Procedures Go Faster

Get Back to Seeing 8 Patients Per Day in Hygiene

Hygienists that switched from arch to quadrant-based cleaning rhythms save on avg. 15 minutes per hygiene appointment. Make the small investment, reap the return.

Increase your hygiene schedule from 6 hygiene visits to 8 per day with Isolite®.

Get 2 more hygiene visits per day with Isolite by:

  • Increasing the field of vision. A clearer field = faster work
  • Maintain focus on procedure by keeping the tongue and soft tissues protected
  • No more opening and closing the mouth with an integrated bite-block
  • Providing dual-quadrant, continuous HVE suction
  • Reducing musculoskeletal issues; having two-free hands eliminate compromising ergonomics


Ensure better clinical outcomes with our clinician-focused design.


Protect your team and patients by reducing dental aerosols at the source.


Keeps patients relaxed with the Mouthpiece's integrated bite block and tongue retraction.


Reduce moisture and contamination for a dry, predictable field every time.


With fewer interruptions, you can complete procedures up to 30% faster.


Simplify your workflow for optimal performance at every step.