Easy access when treating class V caries

Better access without the wait for anethesia, clamps, and rubber dam placement

You need access, field control, and no interruptions

Getting interrupted to evacuate fluids is frustrating. It doesn't have to be this way. You deserve better.

Easy access to the cervical 1/3 without the anesthesia, clamps, or additional time

retraction of soft tissue icon

Keep Active Tongues Away

Get quick and effective isolation without the need for complex rubber dam techniques that are time consuming.

protect the airway

More Comfortable Patients

No clamps, no pooling saliva, no mouth fatigue. Your patients will thank you for giving them a better experience.

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Continuous HVE Suction

With continuous HVE suction, you won't have to constantly stop to suck up the water from your hand piece.

Created by a Dentist, for Dentists

We understand how difficult it can be to prep and fill a class V carious lesion. That's why Dr. Thomas Hirsch developed the Isolite Mouthpiece, so he could successfully manage the tongue, cheek, and fluids while doing the restoration.

patients protected with Isolite

75k dental chairs installed with Isolite

20-years stress free with Isolite

To Set Your Team Up For Success, You Need the Right Tools

Continuous hands-free suction to reduce aerosols, perform procedures up to 30% faster, ensure a predictably ideal field, and maximize comfort for patients.





Put an End to The Frustration of Dealing With Class V Caries

With the Isolite Mouthpiece, filling and restoring a class 5 caries is a breeze. It provides quick and effective isolation without requiring complex rubber dam isolation techniques. No rubber dam means no pesky clamps in the way, so you’ll have amazing access to the gingival margin to treat the caries.

The Isolite Mouthpiece helps you with these problems by:

  • Providing easy access to the cervical 1/3 of a tooth for class 5 caries treatment
  • Improving the efficacy of fillings for treating class 5 caries
  • Improving patient comfort – no more fatigue or painful clamps
  • Keeping the patient comfortable
  • Providing continuous HVE suction so the patient will not taste any materials
  • Keeping you and your team safe from biologics carried by spray and aerosols

All the Benefits You, Your Team, and Patients Deserve


Ensure better clinical outcomes with our clinician-focused design.


Protect your team and patients by reducing dental aerosols at the source.


Keeps patients relaxed with the Mouthpiece's integrated bite block and tongue retraction.


Reduce moisture and contamination for a dry, predictable field every time.


With fewer interruptions, you can complete procedures up to 30% faster.


Simplify your workflow for optimal performance at every step.