Meet Zyris Velop

Safe, Effective Disinfection for Your Whole Practice

Tough on Viruses, Safer for Your Team

From Human Norovirus to Staphylococcus Aureus and COVID-19, Zyris Velop kills 99.9% of viruses without bleach, volatile organic compounds, or ammonia. No overwhelming smell or side effects. Just superior disinfection.

   CDC approved and EPA-certified.

   Kills 99.9% of viruses including COVID-19

   No bleach, ammonia or VOC’s

   Quick and efficient spray pattern

Two Systems, Many Uses

The Zyris Velop system is designed to make disinfecting surfaces simple and effective.

Completely disinfect hard surfaces throughout treatment and admin areas with a simple spray, then let the disinfectant air dry or wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel. Our handheld sprayer makes it easy to disinfect every area in your practice without cords or hoses.

1. Connect the quick-connect hose to a pressurized air line with 60-80 PSI.


2. Attach a bottle of Zyris Disinfectant to the Zyris Velop Operatory Sprayer


3. Press the trigger to disinfect your practice with harmless hypochlorous acid.


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Your Peers Perspectives

Dr. Louis Kafuman

"Patients are nervous enough coming in right now, and with the Zyris Velop, their anxiety levels come down when they see you are taking these precautions."

Dr. Lori Trost

"Using this is easy, and is not a big time consumer to adopt this into our protocol in between patients. My staff and patients have more confidence that dentists who use sprayers like this are keeping them safe."

Dr. Dominic Calouri

"We learned about HOCl and how it is used in hospitals, is EPA approved, and used for wound disinfections. This is a really good product that doesn't hurt people, but kills the virus."

Empower Your Protocols

Zyris Velop is the perfect piece to take your safety protocols to a higher level. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing protocols, so it’s easy to put to work for your practice.


  • Disinfect and wipe all surfaces, including trays, hoses and chairs, exposed to biological material.
  • Fog the entire clinical area with the operatory or handheld sprayer to fully and quickly disinfect every surface.
  • See your next patient with complete peace of mind.

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Go Beyond the Dentist’s Chair

The power of Zyris Velop isn’t limited to the procedure room. Coming soon, the Zyris Velop Operatory Sprayer uses the same hypochlorous acid disinfectant as the operatory system, but can be used on-the-go:

  • In common areas
  • On desks and in offices
  • To disinfect bathrooms and any other office spaces or equipment.

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