Urgent Dental Procedures Without an Assistant?

By Alison Kennedy March 24, 2020

Because of the current circumstances, you may be dealing with reduced (or no) staff and fewer appointments. You may even be having to do urgent dental procedures without the kind of support you might normally have.

We understand and would love to help, so please consider this:

#1 – Because it isolates, retracts, suctions, and illuminates the field, the Isolite allows you to work safely without an assistant. We have retained our crew at our headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA, to continue manufacturing, packaging, and shipping products. So if you would like to order a system now for the coming weeks and months, you can. We offer 12 months no interest financing. >> Click here to order.

#2 – A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association found that the Isolite significantly reduces the amount of aerosol and spatter, sources of contamination, compared to the use of an HVE alone. That means the Isolite can offer greater safety and a lower risk of infection for you as you perform urgent procedures, especially during times like these. >> Learn more here. 

#3 – Want to preview the system first? We are still running online demos, so if you have a lighter schedule, now is a great time to jump on a call with one of our representatives. >> Schedule your demo now.

We hope you, your team, your patients, and your family are able to stay healthy and safe during this time!