5 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Make a Difference During TMJ Awareness Month

By Rafael Silva November 1, 2023

Ah, November! The month when the rustle of falling leaves accompanies the bustling preparations for Thanksgiving. Yet, amidst the cozy ambiance, November holds a special significance in the dental community as TMJ Awareness Month.

TMJ, (or Temporomandibular Joint disorder), is a condition that occurs when the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull experiences issues, leading to discomfort and difficulty in moving the jaw. It’s like having a slightly dislocated door hinge, making opening and closing the mouth feel like a chore. Other common symptoms include jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and a clicking or popping sound from the TMJ site.

FACT: Did you know that over 10 million Americans currently suffer from a TMJ disorder? 🤯

Bridging the Gap: The Importance of Educating on TMJ Disorders

The issues with TMJ go beyond just a sore jaw. Imagine having a headache that just doesn’t go away or a constant *click* in your jaw every time you want to enjoy your favorite snack. Over time, if left unchecked, this nagging issue can turn into a long-term problem.

The tricky part? Many people don’t know much about TMJ disorders until they or someone they know is facing it head-on, and this lack of awareness often leads to delayed diagnoses. It’s like having a small leak in a boat that goes unnoticed until it’s a big problem. The longer it takes to identify and address the issue, the tougher it can be to fix it down the line.

That’s why spreading the word about TMJ disorders is crucial. It’s not just about helping your patients understand what it is, but also about showing them the signs so they can seek help early on.

How Your Dental Practice Can Spread Awareness About TMJ

Alright—now that we’ve brushed up on what TMJ is and why spreading the word is a big deal, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Here are 5 ways your dental practice can make a difference during TMJ Awareness Month. 👇

  1. Free Screenings: Hosting free TMJ screenings for the entire month of November is a great way to offer a valuable service to both your existing patients and the wider community. This not only cuts down on your patients’ costs but also helps in early detection, which can be crucial in managing TMJ disorders effectively. Plus, it’s a GREAT opportunity to educate others about the disorder, share preventive measures, and discuss treatment options, all while showcasing your practice’s commitment to the community’s oral health.
  2. Patient Stories & Testimonials: Real stories resonate. Sharing testimonials from patients who’ve battled TMJ disorders and found relief through treatment can be incredibly reassuring. It showcases the human side of the issue and provides hope to others facing similar challenges. And hey—it also makes for some awesome content for your practice’s website and social media platforms!
  3. Social Media Marketing: Social media is a fantastic way to spread awareness far and wide. Share posts about TMJ, have your staff create engaging (yet informative) TikTok’s, Facebook posts, and Instagram reels explaining the disorder, and even host live Q&A sessions with a TMJ expert.  It’s about making the information accessible, engaging, and shareable.(Psst… Using hashtags like #TMJAwarenessMonth can help you instantly reach a broader audience)! 📈 
  4. Community Collaborations: Partnering with local businesses, schools, or community centers for awareness events or workshops can extend your reach. Whether it’s a joint seminar, distributing informative leaflets, or holding a community health fair, collaborations can create a bigger impact and foster a supportive local network.
  5. Educational Content & Resources: Create a section on your practice’s website dedicated to TMJ awareness, filled with informative articles, resources, and perhaps a downloadable guide on managing TMJ symptoms. Having a go-to place for reliable information can be invaluable for your patients.

Let’s Help Your Patients Combat TMJ — Together.

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