Simple Steps for Adopting Dental Technology into Your Practice

By Therese Vannier, RDA/OMSA July 30, 2018

Adopting new dental technology into your busy practice can be an exhausting endeavor. It can be a challenge to convince your team to invest the time and energy to get accustomed to something new and learn how to use it properly. It’s up to you to determine whether or not the new-fangled device is worth the effort. Here are four easy steps to jumpstart the technology adoption process.

dental technology

1. Evaluate new dental technology

Consider your mindset and that of your team. If you or your team is averse to exploring new technologies, figure out why. Determine the benefits of the new technology and what it means for your practice. Facilitate the decision-making process by comparing the new technology with what you’re currently using. Start by asking yourself if the dental technology will:

2. Research the ROI

Look for a high return on investment (ROI). Vendors often have easy-to-use calculators for determining ROI. Strategize ways to increase patient flow efficiencies and look for devices that help you get ahead of it. If you or your staff is averse to change, new devices won’t see the light of day. Invest if your entire team is willing to be trained.

3. Train and educate

Think about standardization and supporting the new dental technology with consistent adoption practices. Invest in products that offer convenient training sessions for your entire team. Focus on the reliability of the product and the service and training associated with it. Qualified training specialists offer pointers that help set your team up for success.

4. Adopt for success

New dental technology can help simplify daily tasks and make patients more comfortable. Find and adopt technologies that boost efficiency, improve comfort, and increase productivity.

Dentistry is a patient service driven industry. It’s up to clinicians and practitioners to adopt new technologies that meet clinical objectives and elevate the patient experience.