How to Overcome the 9 Most Challenging Obstacles in Dentistry

By Therese Vannier, RDA/OMSA July 25, 2018

Dentistry is hard work. Clinicians are faced with the daunting tasks of ensuring patient safety, controlling moisture in an adverse environment, preventing infection, avoiding ergonomic pitfalls, keeping patients comfortable, and performing in a dark working field at light speed. Fortunately, Isolite mouthpieces offer a simple way to overcome these and other obstacles: 


1. Patient hazards

Unlike cotton rolls and dry shields, the single-use mouthpiece protects the airway and soft tissue from sharp objects, so clinicians can get down to business. The rubber dam sheet is opaque and offers no airway visibility. The throat is visible with Isolite’s mouthpiece which makes airway monitoring a cinch.

2. Moisture contamination

It’s wet in there. Achieving a dry field is crucial to a long-term bond in dentistry. The Isolite, Isodry, and Isovac offer powerful hands-free HVE to help manage moisture for consistent restoration outcomes.

3. Crowded working field

Two is company, and four is a crowd. The Isolite family of products makes four-handed dentistry a thing of the past. The Isolite, Isodry, and Isovac offer hands-free evacuation and retraction so your dental assistant can focus on more important tasks.

4. Cross-contamination

The single-use mouthpiece improves patient safety by eliminating the risk of patient-to-patient contamination.

5. Adverse conditions

It’s dark in there. Light up your life with unsurpassed visibility with virtually no shadowing. The Isolite 3 is equipped with bright, long-lasting LED illumination.

6. Procedure inefficiency

Don’t impede your speed. Clinically proven to decrease chair time, the Isolite family of products frees up an average of 15 hours per week. Use our handy productivity calculator to determine how much time you might save.

7. Noncompliant patients

When your patient is comfy, you’re comfy. Constructed of squishy polymeric material, the mouthpiece cheek shield gently hugs the vestibule while the integrated bite block allows your patient’s jaw to rest. Patient comfort offers better compliance.

8. Patient vulnerability

Protect your patient, protect yourself. Isolite technology minimizes exposures and emergency incidents in dentistry. The mouthpiece incorporates protection from sharp objects, foreign body ingestion, foreign body aspiration, cross-contamination and aerosol for better risk management. 

9. Ergonomics in dentistry

Don’t let dentistry be a pain in the neck. The Isolite family of products limits repetitive motion with hands-free evacuation and retraction.

The responsibilities that come with being a dental professional are real. The Zyris family of products offer valuable tools that help dentists, hygienists and assistants overcome common obstacles that can cause stress and restoration failures.