Brace Your Kids for Summer

By Mike Wong May 22, 2018

June is just around the corner, and with it comes an exciting season filled with warm weather activities, day camps, and good old-fashioned family vacations. Summer is also the best time to get your little camper into heavy metal. Orthodontics (braces) and summer go together like sun and surf. Here’s why you should consider bracing your kids during the summer.

boy with braces

More time

The long break from school means more time to make dental appointments that are conducive to your schedule. Most dental practices are open Monday through Friday for your convenience.

Think big

The best time to start braces is during your pre-teen’s maximum growth rate. Studies suggest that most kids experience growth spurts during the summer. This means that your child’s teeth will move into their desired position as their jaw grows. 

Less pain, more gain

Adapting to something new is always easier when you’re not anxious about anything else. Braces have changed a lot since you were a kid, but young gums and growing teeth and bones can still feel a bit uncomfortable after the initial install. 

Stay ahead of the curve

There’s a definite learning curve that comes with braces, including getting used to eating with them and learning appropriate cleaning techniques. Adapting to something new at home is a lot easier than adapting to something at school. 

What you can do today

Braces increase the possibility of plaque accumulation because of all the gear. So consider using a water irrigating device to rinse away food debris with ease. Jets of water gently rinse out the gums and pulse into areas between teeth and gums to help flush out trapped food. Invest in a water irrigator before orthodontic treatment starts so it’s one less thing to think about after your first appointment. 

Not every child will be ready for braces in the summer, but it is the ideal time to squeeze that first appointment in. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial evaluation at age 7 because this is when children’s adult teeth begin to settle in and their bite can be established. Your orthodontist will assess your child’s teeth, jaws, and overall alignment and begin monitoring their growth to determine the best age at which to begin braces if needed.