Behind the Scenes: A Look Inside Zyris’ Operations Team

By Lexi Marino June 22, 2020

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, there has been one singular, driving force that has been our North Star. No matter what business or life throws at us, creating positive dental experiences for patients and clinicians is what keeps us focused.

The challenges presented by COVID-19 have solidified to us that our tools assist and equip the dental community in their fight to provide the best care and safe dentistry for their patients.

Aerosol reduction isn’t a new topic, necessarily, in dentistry. Research published in JADA as early as 2012 shows that the Isolite® system can significantly reduce aerosols.

However, reducing aerosols intra-orally, at the source before they escape the operatory and move into the office, is something that we believe can help dentists practice safe dentistry for both their patients and their team. This is more important now than ever before.

Dentists across the United States and Canada also agreed in this belief. Since the pandemic began, we’ve helped over 1,500 dental offices provide better experiences for their patients.

Ramping up that many dental offices with tools to open their doors safely doesn’t happen without an incredible “behind the scenes” team. Specifically, we’re talking about our Operations team and during this time we’d like to celebrate them.

Behind the scenes, our Operations team is responsible for the assembly, testing, and shipment of our products. Our isolation systems are assembled entirely by hand in Santa Barbara, CA. Here’s some fun facts about the team:

  • Ivan and Kevin are responsible for packaging our orders with our custom magenta packing tape; they see more magenta tape before 8:00AM than most people see in a lifetime!
  • Sal and Maria, two of the people who build our systems, have been building them for over 12 years. If you’re using one of our products, rest assured that Sal or Maria have built it by hand with care.
  • Our Operations team ships nearly 500,000 mouthpieces per month!

Hopefully, this gives you some insight into what our Operations team has been up to. They have been working non-stop for the past several months (from a safe social distance!) to ensure our customers practice safe dentistry.