10 Tips for Getting Your Manly Self to the Dentist

By Therese Vannier, RDA/OMSA June 7, 2018

This is Men’s Health Week, and a big part of good overall health is having a clean mouth and getting regular oral cancer screenings. But while they might not want to admit it, some men are afraid of the dentist. Rather than be embarrassed by your fears—and miss out on a potentially lifesaving visit—here are a few tips for getting your manly self to the dentist. 

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Make an appointment

The first step is sometimes the most challenging. Make an appointment that fits your schedule so you don’t have to stress out or rush around on the day of the dental visit.

Transfer your records

If it’s been a while since your last dental visit and you’re looking to change dentists, call your old dental office and have your records sent to your new dentist. That way, you might not have to duplicate expensive x-rays.

Avoid caffeine

Do yourself a favor and stick with water or juice on appointment day. Caffeine will only give you the jitters and create anxiety.

Work out

A good cardio or weightlifting session makes everything better. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to take on the dental visit afterwards.

Eat light

Treat yourself to a protein shake or smoothie before your visit. Having something in your stomach will help you tolerate the procedure better.

Clean up

Nobody likes a dirty mouth. Do your hygienist a favor and thoroughly brush and floss your chompers before your appointment. If you don’t brush and floss regularly between visits, your knowledgeable hygienist will still be able to tell, but at least your breath will smell fresh.

Arrive early

Give yourself plenty of time to relax before your appointment. Take a deep breath and try to chill.

Face your fears

Don’t be afraid to tell your clinician about your anxiety. Fear is normal, and a good dentist will work with you to find solutions to help you relax during treatment.

Invest in a good toothbrush

That old frayed toothbrush just isn’t working anymore, so go ahead and buy a new one. If you use a high-quality toothbrush, your teeth will be in better shape and your hygienist will have to do less work in your mouth. Ask your clinician which toothbrush is best for your two minutes twice a day.

Get whiter teeth

Reward yourself for good behavior with a teeth-whitening procedure at your dental office. Everyone likes a bright smile, and you’ll feel confident and ready for action.

Developing a good relationship with your dentist will encourage you to get regular preventive treatment and may keep you from having to make a dental emergency appointment in the future. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental check-up, make an appointment. Your health depends on it.