8 Sealants in 8 Minutes

Increase your sealant rate while reducing patient visit time

Faster, Better and More Efficient

The ability to control moisture and humidity in the oral cavity is a key factor in the successful placement of sealants. With the Isolite, it’s possible for to perform eight sealants in eight minutes. How? When the Isolite Mouthpiece is placed, it provides dual quadrant isolation for both the maxillary and mandible allowing the clinician to treat both areas without having to stop and reset the isolation. The sealant etch is rinsed and evacuated quickly without having patients taste the etch or need to stop and spit.

Using Isolite Systems while placing sealants, allows you to:

  • Do more sealants in less time
  • Seal two quadrants at the same time
  • Eliminate the bad tastes of materials
  • Increase sealant efficacy & clinical outcome
  • Perform fewer re-do's
  • Improve patient comfort & experience

Whether you use Isolite®, Isodry®, or Isovac®, our systems keep the working field as dry as a rubber dam, but are easier, faster, safer, and more comfortable for the patient.

We would love to show you how an Isolite, Isodry or Isovac can complement your dental practice.

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